Sweet Life : 30 Best Homemade Cake Recipes

Find the perfect solution to your sugar craving with our collection of indulgent homemade cake recipes. After slicing into these moist cakes covered in sweet frosting, your party guests will be asking for seconds!

Cinnamon Roll Layer Cake
Browned butter pecan layer cake

Walnut & brown sugar buttercream cake

Lemon & Blueberry cake

Caramel&Cappuccino cake

Oreo cake

Rum cake

Mint chocolate cake 

Soft vanilla cake

Chocolate-Raspberry Cake

Marble cake

Honeycomb cake

Eggnog Magic Cake

Red velvet cake

Strawberry and vanilla cake

Turtles layer cake

Vanilla Cake

Raspberry cake

Creme brulee cake

Triple chocolate cake

Chocolate turtle cake

HB cake

Lemon italian cake

Toasted butter pecan cake

Mocha chocolate cake

Brownie cake

Mess cake

Almond crepe cake with raspberry rose cream

Strawberry jello cake

Caramel apple cake