The Best Holiday and Christmas Cookie Recipes

From classic sugar cookies to gingerbread men, these top recipes will sweeten your holiday - and make you the darling of all your cookie swaps.
                                                                M&M's cookie bars

 Peanut butter cookies
 Sugar cookie truffles
 Cherry+almond cookies

 Vanilla cookies with almond
 Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate cookies!
 Poooooop cookies :)
 Peanut butter cookies
 Oreo snowflakes
 Almond Christmas cookies
 Pecan pie thumbprint cookies
 Wreath cookies
 Perfect Frosted Sugar Cookies
 Caramel&chocolate bites
 Stars sweet cookies
 Mocha cookies
 Cherry kiss cookies for Christmas
 Chocolate sugar cookies
 Soft sweet cookies
 Shortbread cookies
 Peppermint chocolate cookies
 Cream cheese cookies
 Cherry almond cookies
 Peppermint biscotti
 Oreo cookie idea
 Sweet snowmans
Traditional Cutouts