Traditional Christmas Holidays Cookie Recipes

It's time for Christmas cookies! Choose from our very favorite cookie recipes to share with family and friends, including gingerbread, speculaas, biscotti, pfeffernussen, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodles.

                                                                           Snowballs for family

Without tree Chistmas is not Christmas!
Soft and tasty!
Christmas sugar cookies!
Candy canes here!
Treat loved ones <3
Polar bears for for the little ones <3
More snow*
Snowman, snowman, snowmans...!
Kids will appreciate!
Interesting painstaking work for a gift!
For marshmallow lovers
Candy sweets!
Almonds paradise
White chocolate is my addict!
yummy, yummy, yummy!
I love this gingerbread mens <3
Meyer lemon: tasty and healthy
Sticky paws mmmm :)
Santa munch snacks
Gingerbread truffles 
So cuuute 
Orange slicess
Muddy buddies
Rice krispies tastyyy
For lovers <3
More sugar and sweets!